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Who is Catena?

Since its establishment in 1986, Catena has been recognized as the partner of choice for global IC makers in designing wireless connectivity and sensor electronics system solutions created by world-class RF, signal processing and system architecture experts.
Catena provides full custom IC developments as well as complete system IP for various applications, enabling its customers fast time-to-market. The developments are mainly one chip solutions including RF, Analog, Mixed Signal, Digital Signal Processing, Embedded Cores, Embedded Software and tooling. Contact Catena and check out what we can do in your next Wireless or Sensor project!

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What we do?

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Our Solutions

Wireless Connectivity

Over the years Catena has developed wireless connectivity solutions for various consumer applications, e.g. FM/AM and digital radio broadcast transceivers, GNSS receivers, Bluetooth, BLE, Zigbee, WiFi and other wireless connectivity standards. Our solutions have been produced in the tens of millions with impressive yields and thereby been part of our customers’ success in booming consumer segments like cell phones.

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Automotive Electronics

Catena has developed design solutions to cope with the harsh environment in automotive applications, e.g. with extreme temperature ranges, and at the same time meet the requirements on low cost that comes with large volume production.

Casual color Messenger Single resistant Wear Bag theft Bags Black Daypack Black Hhgold Anti shoulder Sensor Electronics

A fundamental understanding of the interaction between the sensor and the electronics is essential for sensor applications. For more than a decade Catena has worked closely together with multiple sensor manufacturers and established a solid understanding of sensors and how to implement competitive electronics for a wide range of emerging applications.

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Custom Specific

For custom specific developments with stringent and unique requirements, our system and architecture experts can help you break down your requirements into design specifications that can be implemented by Catena design engineers. We have helped multiple customers in this domain, so let us make a success of your project as well.